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empyri Ltd.

empyri - hemp eye cream with triple action polypeptides

empyri - hemp eye cream with triple action polypeptides

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Your eyes don't keep a good secret. We know it feels to get that dreaded "you look tired" comment, even when you're not! We created this scientifically formulated eye cream to nourish your skin's most delicate area. You deserve to look as vibrant as you feel. (And if you really are tired, go take a nap!). 

What makes it special: 

- Patented polypeptides, Matrixl ®, Haloxyl ® and Eyeliss ®, are clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, target dark circles and reduce puffiness.
- Hydrolyzed hemp seed extract is clinically proven to reduce the width + depth of wrinkles, plus heal dry skin. 
- Antioxidant green tea extract protects delicate eye skin from free radical damages (UV, pollution).

#skinhigh elements:

 Cruelty-Free  Non-comedogenic  Hydrating
 Vegan  Organic  Soothing
 Moisturizing  Cannabis-Infused

Suitable for: 
All skin types; fine lines and wrinkles; dark circles and puffiness under/around the eyes.

Scent and texture: 
Light and smooth texture is designed for the extra delicate skin around your eyes. Wears nicely under makeup/sunscreen or alone. Fragrance free.


  • Using gentle pressure with ring ringer, apply 1 pump to clean, dry eye area both morning and night.

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